Claiming in it #faith #love #God
Boo! 👻
Time to start the holiday :)
Friday night in :)

SNIPPET: Love And War.

Stay tuned for my cover video :)

Ok ok! I’m up!

[Cover] I Miss You x Beyonce


How is it that my being me…affects you being you? Let’s love instead.

Save Me From Myself x Christina Aguilera

JAM: "Diamonds" x Rihanna

#face (Taken with Instagram)

run to you x whitney houston (snippet)

I’ll be covering one of my FAVORITE songs on Sunday and uploading the video right here! I’ve already got butterflies! Can’t wait to share :)
Janet Jackson’s “Velvet Rope”
The soundtrack to my life and inspiration of one of my tattoos. We all have a special need…